“Tochka ru” is a Russian course for young people (16+) and adults. The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills of modern Russian language is the key feature of this course.

  • A1 Textbook

  • A1 Workbook

  • A2 Textbook

  • A2 Workbook

  • B1 Textbook

  • B1 Workbook

Modern layout

“Tochka ru” course consists of a textbook, a workbook and audio resources, with funny and motivating lessons, games, and authentic, real-world texts.

Modern teaching methods

The combination of traditional and modern teaching methods helps students to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently: to keep a conversation on such topics as Family and Home, Work and Free time, Food and Drinks, Plans and Travel, Holidays and Fashion, Daily routine and Biography, Town and village living, and others.

From the authors

"We know firsthand how difficult it is to choose a Russian coursebook. Our teaching experience over the years and the constant search for the "ideal" book led us to write our own one in which we tried to combine the best traditions of modern teaching methods.

Our Russian course has already been successfully applied in numerous language schools and universities around the world. We have received numerous positive comments from both teachers and students. The teachers mention that they now practically do not need to spend time preparing for their lessons and doing numerous additional photocopies from other textbooks.

Moreover, even novice teachers easily join the pedagogical process. And the students appreciate the relevance of the topics, the ability to use the new material in practice, and, quite importantly, easy orienteering in the book, which allows them to revise the learnt material at home."

Olia & Ekaterina

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We understand that learning a new language can be challenging. That's why we've designed our course to be as engaging and effective as possible. Our exercises and assessments are designed to help you track your progress and keep you motivated as you move forward with your studies.